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Exhibition Solution

In the field of digital exhibition galleries, we provide integrated service for the whole industry from theme planning, creative design, digital content, system integration to decoration engineering.  

Conceptual programming: We conduct the arrangement of the exhibition contents, including the positioning of the exhibition hall, refinement of thematic concepts, and planning of spatial keynotes and functions, and combine digital exhibition system architecture to provide the overall planning solution for the project.

Spatial originality: We design the exhibition hall from the whole to the part and from the structure to the contents, and further deepen and improve the design to visually display the creative effects of the space.   

Digital content: on the basis of early planning solution, we carry out the effect creation and design of multi-media display contents of the exhibition hall, including interactive software, film script, audio production, etc. 

Multi-media integration: We take the multimedia as the leading factor, and conduct system integration of the data required to be displayed, interactive software system and hardware equipment to realize the delivery and operation of the system.   

Decoration engineering: after the optimization of the solution, we conduct an overall coordination and management of the site construction of the project; meanwhile, the solution is carried out on the basis of the working plan. 

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